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Name Change

Please note: I have changed the name of all my social media and Youtube channel.

Social Media is now @Anything_Pixels

YouTube is now Anything Pixel

First words of advice: "Don't be intimidated". We all started somewhere, and look where we are now, you are viewing my page, finding things to help you learn more. You didn't end up here by chance, you ended up here because you want to learn. You are in the right place.

Here you will find the mountain of knowledge you seek. Just head over to my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, you will know when I upload more content, and be able to share it with all your friends and family.

Does all this sound good? Are you ready to get started? Then please be my guest, my tutorials are there for you, and please remember, Have fun, and if you are struggling in a certain area, keep trying and don't give up. I'm here if you need to ask any questions.